Danno's Journal!


Rosie killed Kevin - One Shot
Sophie and Sian opened the door to be passed by a shirtless Jason running across the street.

“What the hell?” Sophie asked as Sian shrugged whilst she closed the door and listened to the screaming between Rosie and Kevin at the top of the stairs.

“Dad, I can not believe you!” Rosie screamed as the girls sat on the sofa with Sian cuddling up to Sophie.

“Rosie, this is my house and I will do as I please!” Kevin yelled and a loud smack echoed off the walls.

“Maybe so but you was in bed with my fucking boyfriend!” Rosie screamed as thuds and screams echoed throughout the house as Sophie and Sian looked at one another.

“Wow. At least I know where I got it from.” Sophie whispered with a chuckle as thuds echoed throughout the house and all went silent until a ear piercing scream was unleashed from Rosie.

“Arghhh! I killed dad!” Rosie screamed as the girls looked at the stairs to see Kevin crumpled up at the bottom with blood pouring out his head. Rosie ran down the stairs and skipped over Kevin and looked at her sister and Sian, her jaw dropped.

“It's not what you think.” She said quickly.
“He was...I's going to be ok, deep breaths girls come on follow my breathing.” Rosie quickly breathed in and out as Sophie raised an eyebrow.

“You keep that up and you will hyperventilate.” Sophie smirked at her girlfriend and then looked at Kevin.

“So, you can explain killing dad?” Sophie asked her sister bluntly.

“Oh my God, you wont believe me right, well so I just got home yeah and I heard this grunting and I thought, like some wild boar got in or something right, so I followed the sound and I went into dads room and you never believe what was on the bed right, God it was a right sight, Jason right was on all fours right with dad behind him right and I was like Oh my God right, so yeah.” Rosie replied quickly as Sophie and Sian looked at one another with raised eyebrows.

“Ok, now say it slowly.” Sophie said emphasis slowly.

“Arghhh! So I just got home yeah and I heard this grunting and I thought some wild boar got in or something right, so I followed the sound and I went into dads room and you never believe what was on the bed right, God it was a right sight, Jason right was on all fours right with dad behind him right and I was like Oh my God!” Rosie repeated at human speed.

“Ok and explain the killing dad part.” Sophie asked.

“Oh that's easy, I pushed him down the stairs.” Rosie deadpanned.

“Ok, so what the fuck are we going to do with the body?” Sophie asked pissed off that her day with Sian had been ruined.

“Oh I know!” Rosie squealed and raised her hand whilst jumping on the spot.

“Go on then Rosie.” Sophie sighed as her sister grinned.

“We should bury him! That's what you normally do with dead people!” Rosie said proud of her sudden intellect.

“Right, and where the fuck are we going to bury him, you can't just wander down the street with Kevin bleeding everywhere.” Sian snapped.

“In the garden duh!” Rosie said simply.

“Ok, so just to recap. You found dad in bed with your boyfriend, Jason, you then pushed dad down the stairs consequently killing him and now you want to bury him in the garden?” Sophie asked as Rosie nodded.

“Fair enough.” Sophie said and stood up.

“Right, Rosie go get the fork, Sian put some music on.” Sophie ordered as Rosie rushed off whilst she dragged Kevin down the stairs and sat him against the wall.

“Got it!” Rosie squealed and came rushing back to Sophie.

“Well where is it?” Sophie asked confused.

“Here.” Rosie said handing her the fork in her hand.

“Rosie you twat, not a kitchen fork, the garden fork so we can dig a hole! And while you are at it get the spade.” Sophie sighed.

“Which one is that?” Rosie asked.

“The one that looks like a giant spoon.” Sophie facepalmed at Sian's answer as Robbie William's Rock DJ started playing throughout the house. Rosie rushed out into the garden whilst Sophie grabbed Kevin by the feet.

“Sian help me shift him to the conservatory.” Sophie asked as Sian ran over and grabbed Kevin by the hands whilst they carried him into the conservatory to see Rosie trying to pull the lawnmower out the shed.

“Rosie, what the fuck are you doing?” Sophie demanded as Rosie turned to face her.

“I dropped an earring.” Rosie deadpanned and went back to trying to pull the lawnmower out of the shed.

“Rosie just get the giant spoon and fork and get over here!” Sophie snapped and dropped Kevin in the conservatory.

“Fine.” Rosie sighed as she grabbed the fork and spade and walked over to Sophie.

“Well, what are you waiting for. Dig!” Sophie ordered as she walked and sat on a chair followed by Sian.

“What! Why me!” Rosie demanded.

“Well, you was the one that fucking killed him!” Sophie snapped.

“God, why so irritable, you need to get laid.” Rosie sighed and began whacking the ground with the spade.

“Rosie, what are you doing?” Sian asked confused.

“I think the spoon is broke.” Rosie said examining the spade.

“Oh my God!” Sophie screamed and got up angrily from her chair and walked towards Rosie, grabbed the fork and stuck it into the ground and outlined how big the hole should be then grabbed the spade and over exaggerated the movements on how to use it.

“Ooooo! I get it now.” Rosie grinned triumphantly and began digging the hole as Sophie went and sat back down.

20 minutes later...

“Finished.” Rosie gasped as she crouched with her hands on her knees trying to breathe.

“Finally, now Sian help me throw dad in.” Sophie asked as they walked over to Kevin and dragged him to the hole and threw him in.

“Ouch.” He mumbled weakly as the 3 girls looked at him.

“I thought you was dead.” Rosie sighed as she began shovelling the dirt over Kevin.

“Rosie, he's alive, what are you doing?” Sian asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, I didn't dig this hole for nothing, he's in there now, that's all that matters, whether he is alive or not is his own problem.” Rosie deadpanned as Sophie and Sian shrugged and sat on the grass and watched.

“Rosie, why are you doing this?” Kevin asked weakly holding his hand in front of his eyes to avoid the glare of the sun.

“Play dead!” Rosie snapped and hit him on the head with the spade.

2 hours later...

Rosie patted the ground and smiled triumphantly.

“All done.” She grinned and looked at Sophie who was curled up with Sian asleep.

“I wish I knew why I was out here.” She sighed and returned the tools to the shed and woke the girls up as they walked inside. None of the girls saw the hand that burst from the ground with a slight groan.

Silence - Chapter 2

Silence - Chapter 1
For the past four years it has been well known at Weatherfield College that she was gay. Some feared her and others hated her, most took it upon themselves to break her more and more each day. She only had three true friends. Chesney, Katie, and her sister Rosie, the four had been friends for years. Knowing that everyone at school besides them, hated her hurt more and more each day as the comments got worse and so did the physical abuse. She didn't let it show, not until she was safely tucked up in her bed, where she let the tears flow until she fell asleep.

"Sophie!" Her name being yelled from the front of the classroom broke her from her daydream as she glanced up at her teacher he pointed at the board to indicate to take notes she gave a small nod. When the teacher turned back around she started to copy from the board. It wasn't that she didn't pay attention in class, she loved writing, and reading for that matter. She had notebooks at home filled with her thoughts, song ideas, drawings and sketches, books of fantasy worlds with wonderful, powerful beings; vampires, witches, pixies, you name it she had it.

The bell rang and Sophie ran out of her class going straight to the fire escape leading to the roof. If she got there in time she wouldn't be seen by Ryan and his footballer mates or Tamsin and her barbie girls. Running to the door and opening it she ran up the steps and sat on the edge of the building, grabbing her lunch out her bag.

Sitting on the roof of the building away from everyone else; she felt safe, like nothing could touch her, she felt powerful watching the world go round whilst she sat and watched, she found it rather beautiful. thinking about it brought a mist to her eyes as she quickly blinked to hold back the impending tears, not because of the makeup, she doesn't wear makeup, all it did was hide what's underneath, it would still be there day after day, with or without makeup she knew she'd never be as beautiful as other girls.

When school was over she ran to her sister's flat. Rosie took her in when her mum disowned her and her dad tried to 'beat the gay away'. When her parents found out she was gay her mum screamed the house down and demanded Kevin beat it out of her. Her sister Rosie took her in and treated her like her own daughter. It didn't bother her that Sophie was gay and even 'talked' to her about girls. The moment she opened the door to the house she put her bag on the floor and went to the kitchen to grab a snack.

Walking out the kitchen with a bag of Monster Munch she caught part of a phone call Rosie was having on her way down stairs with her phone pinned to her ear in happily.

“What? Oh that's awesome! I’ll be there ASAP!" Rosie squealed ending the call before jumping on the step and smiling widely at Sophie.

Rosie was brunette, much like Sophie, she had turquoise eyes and plush red lips. Sophie was the only one in the family that had blue eyes. Rosie looked over at her and sighed. It was her day off and they couldn't do the shoot without her. Rosie closed her eyes for a minute pinching the bridge of her nose thinking of what to do. Then she looked at the 19 year old standing there putting a Monster Munch in her mouth.

"Soph. I'm sorry babes, but we have to go to the studio. They just got me a new model! Would you mind sitting on the sofa in the office or something, maybe read a Heat mag?"

She nodded and ate the rest of her crisps. When she was younger she talked none stop, even through when her being gay spread throughout collage and the bullying began, but what really silenced her was the night she told her parents. She still nodded and made hand gestures to what she wanted, but she wouldn't speak. The doctor said that she was suffering from Elective Mutism (Refusal to talk despite being able to.). And with that she became extremely shy and closed off from the world.

At first she refused to acknowledge anyone around her, Rosie thinking she must have gone death screamed in her ear one time, scaring the girl to death and earning a slap across the face. Ever since then she started going with Rosie to her studio and watching all the models pose for shoots, Rosie being the one behind the camera for a change. She began to relax around the company of the studio, there was only 3 people there and the models that worked were only there for the money and not socializing, so it really wasn't much, but it was a start. There was Rosie the photographer, who she was the most comfortable with out of everyone, there was Tina the secretary/organizer who always started up a friendly conversation and Graeme the technician who sat and chat about the models every now and then with her.

She picked up her bag from the door and went to the car in the driveway with Rosie, sitting in the passenger seat she buckled herself in, Rosie did the same then drove them to the studio. She watched the trees pass by and started to get a dreamy look on her face when she noticed how close they were to the studio. Rosie glanced at her and shook her head. Rosie couldn't understand how her own sister could be so open with her but so closed off with the world. But didn't once complain or push her against her will.

"Right then babes, here we are." Rosie said as she got out the car.

She got out of the car as quickly as she could grabbing her bag and rushed up the stairs and into the studio. Rosie owned the studio and when ever anyone new was joining she had to be professional and formally welcome them.

Rosie had matured a lot over the years to help her, working as a model and paying for the studio for her services in the process of doing so Rosie found a passion in photography. She was proud of her sister, she would never of thought she'd see the day her sister was behind the camera instead of in front of it.

“I'll come get you in a bit babes.” Rosie smiled leaned over and kissed her sister on the forehead, she gave a nod and walked into the office as she lied down on the sofa and drifted off to sleep.

The Mystic Chronicles - Prologue


13th December 2009
Blond View:

The blond stood looking at the pearl white gates. The place that was but is no longer her home. She looked at one of the gate guardians, it didn't matter which they both looked the same, with there armored chest plates and the gold hilted silver swords. There was no escaping her fate. She turned away from the gates and looked in the eyes of the guardian who would be throwing her. Shaggy blond hair, six foot four, and the same armored chest plate, the only difference being was this guardian was carrying a red hilted black blade. She took a step forward and bowed before the guardian and unfurled her wings. She waited for the pain. The slicing of the blade through bone echoed in her ears as she screamed in agony. She stood as pain ribbed through her shoulder blades as she glanced down at her pure white wings on the ground covered in splatters of her blood. The would grow back, black and reflective blood red. She looked the guardian in the eye as he got out a parchment.

“I condemn thee to an immortality of walking the Earth as a fallen.” The guardian closed the parchment and set it alight whilst he walked to a gap in the clouds with the blond following.

“Your journey will take a year.” The guardian said coldly and with that delivered a kick to the blond who fell into the void between the clouds.


12th December 2010
Brunette View:

The brunette stood at the edge of the rooftop overlooking the city whilst she contemplated ending it. Hearing a light pop behind her she turns around to find the body of a blond with black and red glistening wings. God has sent an angel to help her decide to jump. Well he wasted his time, she was jumping and that was that. Watching the angel as she dragged herself to her feet she looked on in awe at her beauty looking from toe to head at her body until there eyes met.

“What are you doing?” The blond asked raising an eyebrow at the brunette.

“What does it look like I am doing!” The brunette snapped.

“Come on stop being silly and move away from the edge.” The blond sighed stepping forward holding out her hand.

“No! Leave me alone! I deserve this, it was all my fault.” The brunette said as a tear tracked down her cheek.

“What was your fault?” The blond asked confused as she stopped and dropped her hand to her side.

“Getting raped! You should know this God sent you!” She hissed as the blond chuckled.

“Goddess, it's a she. And why would I know this?” She asked stepping closer.

“God sent you to tell me to jump, because all this is my fault.” Was her whispered response.

“None of it is your fault, now come away from the edge so we can talk.” She assured holding out her hand.

“He broke me.” She whispered as she reached out toward her hand.

“It's ok I've got you.” The blond replied as the brunette lifted her foot onto the bar and slipped falling over the edge.

“Help me!” The brunette cried as she held onto the blond for her life.

“I've got you, don't worry.” The blond assured as she went to lift her over, there hands slipped.

“No!” The blond yelled throwing herself over the edge and after the screaming brunette.


Baby Gay - Chapter 1
Sophie sat on the sofa watching GMTV, she glances at the clock knowing that at any minute her phone will ring. A minute later and her phone explodes to the sound of Katy Perry, I Kissed A Girl, she chuckles at the irony and quickly answers it.

“Sian!” Sophie squeals happily.

“Hey tiny.” Sian replies sweetly.

“I'm so excited! New start! And best of all you are there!” Sophie squeals again.

“Easy baby gay.” Sian chuckles.

“Hey, my sexuality plays no part in this!” Sophie huffs.

“So the fact that in... fifteen minutes you start my college? And you have a cute little crush on me, play no part in your excitement?” Sian teases.

“” Sophie sighs in defeat.

“Relax, it's cool. You know I always got your back. We still ok for me catching a lift with Rosie and you?” Sian asks biting her lip.

“Yeah, can you come round now? I am sort of nervous.” Sophie asks biting her lower lip lightly.

“Way ahead of you.” Sian replies as the line goes dead and there is a knock at the door.

“I've got it!” Sophie squeals throwing her phone on the coffee table and running to the door, yanking it open and lunging into the arms of the awaiting blond.

“Easy baby gay.” Sian chuckles hugging the brunette back, slowly they break apart whilst Sophie closes the door. She grabs Sian's hand and pulls her with her onto the sofa where she snuggles up to the blond.

“I've missed you Sian.” Sophie mumbles sadly into Sian's arm.

“I've only been gone a week baby gay.” Sian smiled kissing Sophie on the nose.

“I know, but I have still missed you.” Sophie sighs as she slowly closes her eyes.

“Sophie! Get your arse down here now!” Rosie shouts from the bottom of the stairs.

“Over here Rosie!” Sophie giggles waving at her sister.

“Oh. Didn't see you. Hey blondie.” Rosie smiles as she pulls on her fur coat.

“You girls ready?” She asks as Sophie grabs her bag and phone and stands up with Sian.

“Yeah. Come on let's get this over with.” Sophie sighed biting her lower lip.

“Come on Soph, you was excited earlier, what changed?” Sian asked rubbing her friends back.

“Awe, don't go all mushy and emotional on me girls, I haven's got time!” Rosie said walking out the door.

“Come on Soph, what's wrong?” Sian asks linking arms with her friend and walking out the door.

“I'm gay...” Sophie mumbles as they get in the car.

“You don't say.” Rosie says sarcastically whilst reversing out the driveway.

“Soph, there's nothing wrong with being gay. Right how about if at any point you need me today you text me and I will be there ASAP, and if anyone takes the piss tell me, so we can deal with it, understood?” Sian asks looking at the nervous brunette.

“I guess...” Sophie mumbles as the car comes to a stop.

“Right out you get, chop chop, I've got a bloody photoshoot!” Rosie groans as the girls get out the car.

“Oh and Soph, whoever has a problem with you also has a problem with me also, don't ever be ashamed of who you are, don't forget me and Sian wink wink, still love you. Rosie grins as she starts the engine.

“Thanks sis. Love you too, good luck with the modelling.” Sophie smiles and bites her lip waiting for Sian.

“And blondie, look after her for me yeah? Or there will be hell to pay.” Rosie smiles proudly and drives off.

“Come on baby gay, it ain't that bad.” Sian smiles and re-links arms with her friend.

“Sian over here!” A voice yells from the distance, Sophie feels Sian tense up and let out a sigh.

“Time to meet the gang.” She says with a smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes

Cuts - Prologue
Sophie sat at her desk in science strairing at the brunette teacher that looked like an older version of her as her teacher wrote on the board.

Mrs Vincent-Parkinson!

“Mrs Vincent-Parkinson's the name, but you can call me Brooke, looks like is going to be an exciting term for you new kids here at Weatherfield High.” She smiled brightly.

“Also to clear up any rumours you may or may not have heard about me, even though it is none of your business, I am indeed gay.” The class broke out into whispers as the teacher glanced around waiting patiently for it to settle. 5 minutes later and the class began to settle as a few hands shot up in the air.

“Yes, Mr?” Brooke asked pointing at a boy with greasy long black hair.

“Connor, Ryan Connor. No offence but I don't want to be taught by a dyke.” Ryan said with a smirk and leant back against his chair casually as the class in perfect unison gasped. Brooke just smiled and pulled out her mobile from her handbag and pressed a few buttons.

“Hello...yeah it's me...yeah, could you come down to my class please...yeah it's rather important...ok see you in a minute.” Ending the call and putting her phone back in her bag she leant against her desk, waiting patiently as the class sat in silence looking at the door, moments later it opened slowly and a blonde strode in and walked over to stand beside Brooke.

“You rang?” She asked softly. Sophie smiled as Brooke's eyes twinkled around the blond and vice-versa.

“Yes, apparently, Mr Ryan Connor here.” Brooke said walking over to stand next to Ryan
“Doesn't want to be taught by dyke's.” Brooke said sadly with a sigh and ran out the classroom crying.

“B, wait!” The blond shouted but she didn't stop. She then turned her angry eyes to the boy grinning in the chair.

Fallen - Prologue
The blond looked into the shimmering bowl of water before her looking at the brunette cross the street, she turned to her companion.

“I can't be her guardian angel any more.” She whispers turning to the older man.
“I understand.” He replies as he pulls out a clipboard.
“No, Jack, let me go.” She whispers once more looking deep into his wise eyes.
“You do know what you are asking, correct?” He asks looking at the blond.
“I can't protect her from up here any more, she needs me too much.” The blond whispers tears reflecting off her cheeks.
“Very well, Sian.” He replies handing her a vial.
“Thank you.” She whispers, embracing him tight.
“Good luck, and be careful my sweet angel.” He whispers into her ear as she pulls away.
“I will, thank you.” She replies as she puts the vial to her lips and downs the contents and everything fades to black.

Shattered - Prologue
Ryan Connor was dating Sian Powers. That was common knowledge to anybody who attended Manchester University. So when Ryan Connor forced his tongue down Sophie Webster's throat at Rosie's birthday bash, she tried to pull away from his firm hold. She tried but wasn't strong enough, his grubby hands caressing her sides, Sophie whimpered under his gropes. His body pressing hard against her own, her whimpers egging Ryan on, he believed it was a sign she was enjoying it. His tongue abusing her mouth as she found the strength to bite down hard on it, he back away, a smirk plastered on his lips.

"Don't fight it!" He hissed grabbing her arms and dragging her up the stairs.

"Ryan! Stop it!" She yelled; the music too loud, her cries going unheard.

"But you want this, I know I do!" Ryan said as he threw the frail brunette onto the bed, Sophie whimpered upon contact.
"You're not a sweet little Christian girl Webster, let me take you to heaven!" He hissed as he pinned her arms to the bed, attacking her neck, biting roughly; like an animal.

"Ryan, please," She whimpered, she wanted no more than to be let go, but she knew that wasn't an option.

"I knew you wanted me to take you to heaven!" He grinned unbuckling his belt and tugging down his jeans and boxers, she knew what was happening, he was too strong, but she still fought, but she knew any moment now she'd no longer be the same Sophie Webster.

"Spread your legs!" Ryan growled trying to forcefully pull her legs apart. Sophie knew what was coming. She fought with every last bit of energy she had, she fought till she was exhausted, eventually succumbing to her fate, she lay back exhausted as Ryan penetrated her, her vow shattered, Ryan pumped himself between the girls legs.

The phone rang...

Ryan pulled out of the broken brunette and answered the phone, butting the speaker on and putting the phone on the side as he re entered the brunette she groaned in pain as Ryan quickly clamped his hand over the brunettes mouth.

"Hey, Sian," Ryan said, grinning at Sophie as he thrusted between her legs.

"Hey, Rye, where are you? Rosie said Sophie went home-" Sophie whimpered into Ryan's hand.
"And Ches and Katie got bored so they started playing Twister, quite amusing to be honest." Sian's delicate tone echoing through the room. Sophie, with all her remaining energy bit down hard on Ryan’s neck, quickly using this valuable time to cry for help as Ryan stumbled back, blood tricking down his neck.

"Sian, help!" Ryan had resumed his position above her, thusting himself back inside her.

"Soph! What's happening? Rye, why is Soph with you!?" Sian demanded, whilst Ryan is grabbing Sophie’s neck to shut her up forcing himself back between her legs and back inside her.

"Sia..n hel...p!" She gagged as Ryan tensed and moaned out her name loudly as he came inside of her.

"Soph! Where are you?" Sian demanded worry in her tone. As Ryan passed out on top of her. Sophie used her last remaining strength both emotionally and psychically.

“Ryan just..” Sophie says pausing, knowing that what she is about to say will make this a reality.
“He just raped me...” Sophie slurrs before passing out.

Sian screamed running to the door. She was about to head out to find her friend, whilst walking past Chesney and Katie at the stairs when she heard them say something.

"Yeah, a loud moan, shouting Sophie?” Chesney asked as Katie nodded.

"It wasn't Ben he was down here, sucking face with that choir girl" Katie replied. Sian froze, could it be?

"Where!?" She demanded. Katie pointed up the stairs. Sian groaned. She gestured for them to follow her. Sian climbed up the stairs, taking them two at a time, they arrived at the closed guest room door, Chesney noted the hesitance in Sian's posture and opened the door and walked in followed by Katie and Sian.

Katie grabbed Sian as she collapsed. Chesney ran over to the bed and grabbed Ryan off the unconscious brunette as her threw him against the wall quickly covering the naked and battered brunette with his jacket,

Ryan Connor had done the unthinkable, he had raped, Sophie Webster.

It Can't Rain All The Time - Chapter 3

Sophie gets to her feet weakly and stumbles over to Ryan as she drags him to his feet and starts hitting his chest as he tries to wrap his arms around her.

"No! No she can’t be!" Sophie shouts collapsing in Ryan’s arms letting the tears fall once more.

“Get out now!” Vinnie yells pointing to the doors.

"But Mr. Powers we want to stay." Sophie begs.

“Shut up bitch!” Vinnie hisses closing the space between him and the brunette.

“You are the cause of this shit! If you for you being a dyke, my girl would be here now!” He hisses and slaps her across the face causing her to fall to the floor in tears, not even attempting to get to her feet.

“And she left your gay ass this! God knows why!” He yells throwing a letter at the broken girl on the floor.

“You have no fucking right!” Tyrone yells pinning the man against the wall.

“And who the fuck might you be baby face?!” He hisses pushing the man off him.

“Dobbs, Tyrone fucking Dobbs! And I don't appreciate you slapping one of my students! A female at that!” He yells punching him square in the jaw as a loud CRACK echoes through out the room as Vinnie smirks and spits blood onto the floor and lunges at him.

“Help!” Sophie cries as security burst through the door and tear the men apart from one another.

“Officers that man assaulted me, I want them out, I am grieving over my dead kid, and these scum bags think they have a right to be here!” Vinnie smirked.

“You heartless prick!” Sophie yells about to lunge at Vinnie, but is stopped by Ryan.

“Come on babe.” Ryan said softly rubbing her back as they walked to the door before he turned around and looked at Vinnie.

“I hope you can live with yourself, you are scum, you didn't deserve to be related to that girl! We will see you unfortunately at the funeral!” Ryan hissed as he walked out of the door with Sophie in his arms.

It Can't Rain All The Time - Chapter 2


Mr. Dobbs pulled his car up outside the hospital as Sophie burst into tears and got out.

“Is she ok?” Sophie cried as Tyrone looked at Chesney giving him a look, understanding him immediately, he wrapped his arms around his friend.

“Come on Sophie, let's go in.” Chesney said through tears as they walked into the waiting area were Ryan is sat with his head in his hands crying.

"Where is she?" Chesney shouts at the broken boy. He doesn't answer, he doesn't look at them. He just sat and cried.

"Where is she? " Sophie whispers through tears. Still no answers. Chesney lets go of Sophie and runs to the nearest nurse.

"Where is she?" He shouts, through sobs. The middle age nerdy nurse looked at him and lowered his glasses in confusion.

"Powers, Sian Powers. Blond, blue eyes!" He demands.

"Oh, her" He answers in a sympathetic tone, the one your mum would use to tell you, your dog has died.

"What do you mean oh her?" Sophie heard Chesney shout and immediately she is by his side.

"What room is she? " She asks.

"Oh, was she your friend? " He asks sadly. Sophie opened her mouth to say something.

"No she wasn't! None of them were!" A rough man shouts, Sophie recognizes him instantly, he was Sian's dad.

"I want all of you out now! " He shouts at the four.

"Who the fuck are you?" Tyrone shouts, he is not a man to shout but his attitude made him snap.

"Sian's father" He replies coldly.

"What the hell is going on?" Chesney yells.

"Why don't you ask him!” Vinnie shouts pointing at Ryan. Sophie and Chesney, followed by Tyrone walked over to Ryan.

"Sian she,,,died this morning.” Ryan sobs as Sophie and Chesney fall to the floor, letting the tears flow.



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